Who We Are

STARFISH champions and invests in overlooked and undervalued artists, enabling them to transform their impactful ideas into career-defining ventures.

We believe that artists should own their work, have access to diverse funding options, and cultivate a strong community of fans and supporters committed to them and their artistic visions.

Our Approach

Rooted in radical ownership, community, and fandom. We believe underdog creators, given control, funding, and an engaged community, can revolutionize the cultural landscape.

We Learned

The terrain is rapidly shifting. Disruptive tech has transformed how content is created and consumed. Creators willing to take risks can unlock untapped markets and change the game. We identify them as Artist-Entrepreneurs and are primed to support them on their journey.
Our culture industry was not designed to uplift the perspectives of "others." As a result, our society and culture suffer from a "Narrative Deficit Disorder.
Mahyad Tousi - Founder of Starfish

Our Funding Partners

The Team

Meet the Team

Mahyad Tousi

Founder & Managing Partner

Sian Morson

Partner, Media Tech Investments & Marketing Lead

Mauricio Mota

Partner, Artist-Entrepreneur Strategy & Investment Lead

Luis Castro

Philanthropic Investments and Strategic Partnerships Lead

Our Board

Diana Williams

Reza Aslan

Alesia Weston

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